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    Every day I troll around the internets seeking information from which to chat about on the radio show. Lots of time inspiration comes from my own crazy family. See us weirdos above. Here you will find links to stuff I'm chattering about on the show. "Studio Chatter" if you will. I'd love to hear from you about whats going on in your life too! Let's connect!

Studio chatter Monday

When I first read this article, I misread it and thought it said that to give your children a mental edge you should tuck them into bed every night.  I thought, how sweet, because that is something Dave and I actually do every night.  I skipped off thinking my kids were lucky to have such amazing parents, but I should have kept reading because what it really said was,

“Helping your children gain a mental edge—and superior math and reading skills—may be as easy as tucking them into bed at the same time every night, according to research conducted at University College London.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, involved over 11,000 children at the ages of three, five, and seven. Researchers found that youngsters who went to bed at irregular hours scored lower in cognitive tests for reading, math, and spatial abilities. They noted that sleep is crucial for brain plasticity—the brain’s ability to change and modify its structure—which allows us to learn.”

So, it’s not merely tucking them into bed, but tucking them in AT THE SAME TIME every night.  Oh, big difference.  We start school tomorrow and have given the kids the big lecture about their new bedtimes and they are less than thrilled as you can imagine.  THIS MAMA, however, is super pumped school starts tomorrow.  It’s been a loooooong summer.

Have you ever had someone call you and say they were stopping by in 10 minutes?  That’s when I freak out and start picking up all the toys, brushing the crumbs under the rug and the like.  The Mom Tip today is supposedly the best way to clean in a hurry.  If you need to attack the door to the oven, use baking soda instead of foamy-type cleaners as it works better.  Baking soda…who knew?  Other kind-of-stupid tips to cleaning in a hurry here.

Let’s face it: sometimes we all need a dessert that only makes two servings.

Friday’s Studio Chatter is for the days you just need a little something sweet.  Or perhaps to bring a birthday treat for your friend at the office.  How Sweet It Is has the perfect solution!

I may try this this weekend and report back on the taste:)



September 1, 2013 - 8:00 pm

Rae - That’s true! I bought quite a lot of ingredients like flour and butter, but I don’t have the motivation to start baking yet because there will be just two of us finishing the cakes. This recipe is just right for us. Thanks for sharing. :)

Studio Chatter for Thursday

Jim Elliot said, “Wherever you are, be all there.”

I’m having a hard time being really present anywhere lately if I’m honest.  Tim Challies wrote an amazing article in Leadership Journal called “Here and There”, in talking about technology he says he see’s two challenges to presence, to being there in a digital world.  “First, our technologies try to convince me that I can be there even when I remain here, that my presence can be transported through bits, bytes, and pixels, that the essence of who I am can exist on a screen.”  Second, the digital world, with all its attractions and distractions, hinders me from being fully here, fully present in life’s best times and places.”

He goes on to tell a hilarious story of being at a mall when one of those trendy flash mobs broke out.  Challies writes, “When I see a video of a flash mob, I always find it fascinating to watch the audience and to see how many of them are experiencing the event through their mobile phones.  Instead of living fully in the moment, enjoying the power of the music without distraction, they go digging in purses or pockets to find their phones and then watch it all unfold through a three-inch glowing rectangle.

I want to yell, “You’re missing the performance!  It’s right there, and instead of enjoying it, your phone is making you miss it!”

Oh, I can relate!  Earlier this week the kids were busy tying their bikes to the little kids’ Cozy Coupes with pink string of all things, and then whipping them around the neighborhood!  It was a riot watching this whole thing unfold.  But to be honest I spent more time trying to video it on instagram (did you know you need to HOLD DOWN the video button while filming?!?) and I missed out on most of the fun.  I gotta stop living my life through the 3 inch screen and being more present.  Challis again writes, ” We have to train ourselves to be here, to be fully engaged, to live in the moment, to live undistracted.  Wherever you are, your devices can cause your mind, your attention to shut off, to turn away, to disappear.  Learn to be all here while you’re here.”



So that’s heavy.  Let talk today’s Mom Tip shall we?  Dave jokes with me that I enjoy purchasing organizing “stuff” rather than actually organizing anything.  Anybody?  Anybody?  I love those Real Simple grocery lists you are supposed to stick on your refrigerator, but don’t actually use them.  I found this free download on Pinterest and am giving it a go this week.  Seems like an easy way to organize both your grocery list and your what to make for dinner list.  Here goes nothing…

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On another note, my awesome hometown made the list of America’s Prettiest Towns!  It is a beautiful place, that Holland Michigan.