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Studio Chatter Tuesday

Yesterday, this little 4 year old of mine skipped off to Preschool. She had the choice of attending her first day with either myself or her daddy. She picked me obvi. We found where to hang her backpack, put together her name puzzle, figured out where the mini book library was. She was a little ticked there was no snack to speak of. The teacher announced 55 minutes later that we were done and if the kids wanted to spend a little time playing before the hour was up they were welcome to. Like any good Mom I  grabbed her mini backpack and headed straight for the door. On the way home, I said, “So Pipes, how was it?” “Terrible”, she replied. “I should have brought Daddy. He would have let me stay and play.” Yeah he probably would have. Maybe he can volunteer to be the class helper next Wednesday. Ahem.

I read this article today about how we are over-scheduling our little kids within an inch of their lives. Shocking! Experts say this is actually counter productive. We should just let our kids play a bit more.  Actually A LOT more.  ““Kids need time to play – without rules or structure or supervision. Play IS their work. Through play, they learn how to communicate, problem solve, count, share, and generally make sense of the world around them.”

The Mom Tip is for you if your whiteboard looks like this. According to this Pinterest, You can use Febreeze to clean a dry erase board that just wont erase (because the ink is very dried on) . Spray the board and wipe, it also helps recondition old dry erase boards.

Have you seen the Febreeze commercials where they blindfold people and drag them into a living room with rotting garbage and they claim it smells like a flower garden?  Yeah right.

If you missed the Mom Tip yesterday…You can use shaving cream to take the foundation-makeup stains from your shirt collars.  Cool!

September 10, 2013 - 7:00 am

tami - Agreed with the kids schedule.
When my kids were younger I remember reading that even play is organized and it robs kids of their creativity…I say yes to playing ball in the empty lot, or exploring the creek…but in order to do this we must have down time and encourage the dirty that comes with it…

September 10, 2013 - 7:45 am

Amy - thank you for this. I sometimes feel guilty that I didn’t send any of my kids to 3 school or preschool, but instead let them stay home and play. But this makes me feel so much better :)

September 10, 2013 - 8:01 am

Connect with Ceci - Amy, I sometimes feel like my kids aren’t going to get INTO COLLEGE because of how few extra curriculars they are involved in. There is so much pressure on us these days, huh?

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